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In your retirement years, your priorities can shift. Where the goal was once working and earning, it may now be living well and sharing. It may be traveling and spending time with family, or relaxing with friends at poolside. In these wonderful years, it is especially important that you remain financially stable. An unexpected hospital stay for you or your family can disrupt carefully-made retirement plans and shrink a nest egg. Medicare helps cover some medical costs for seniors, but after reaching annual maximums, the rest of the cost for hospital care and prescriptions falls to the patient.

Because the needs of Americans are different and far-reaching, many individuals may need to alter or supplement the original Medicare plan to fit their specific needs. Though some people opt for supplemental Medicare insurance plans, also known as “Medigap” plans, many Americans are now opting for Medicare Advantage plans.

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Medicare Advantage adds coverage similar to traditional health insurance.

Medicare Advantage is a form of Medicare coverage that is more like the coverage you may be used to, because it allows you to work with a private insurance provider. The government then supplements the monthly premium of your private healthcare plan up to the amount that would have been spent on original Medicare parts A and B.

Many Medicare Advantage plans offer dental and vision care as well as prescription coverage. These are not benefits covered under original Medicare, but, with the high cost of dental bills or optical surgery, the additional protection may keep you from paying out of pocket for unplanned medical expenses.

Medicare Advantage plans offer individuals flexibility in choosing their healthcare provider and also provide benefits beyond original Medicare. In choosing what type of plan is best for you or your loved ones, it’s important to be well informed.

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"Did you know that as of 2010, 24% of Medicare beneficiaries are signed up for a Medicare Advantage Plan?"*

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